MyFsLog 1.1 - Flight Log Reports for Flight Simulator (FS2004, FS9)


MyFsLog is an external program for Flight Simulator 2004 which allows you to analyze the Flight Log Book of Flight Simulator 2004 and create various summary reports for that data.

Available reports are:

Please note:

The filename and format of the log book depends on language version of Flight Simulator and Windows' date format settings. Currently it has only been tested with a German Flight Simulator on a German Windows XP, so it may not work with other versions (although it should ;-). If you experience any problems, especially error messages on startup or reports without any data, please send me your log book file or at least a few lines of it (E-Mail: Thanks!



No special setup is required, just copy enclosed files to a folder of your choice.

If you start "MyFsLog.exe" for the first time, you have to select the flight log book to be analyzed (see "File -> Open" below). Once selected, this file will be opened automatically whenever MyFsLog is started.

Menu items

File -> Open

Open a flight log book to be analyzed.

The log book file is located in the same folder as your saved flights and flight plans. Unfortunately, the folder location varies between different Windows and language versions, so I can't give you the exact location and filename. Look in the "Own Files" folder on your desktop, there should be a folder like "Flight Simulator Files" in it that contains a file like "LOGBOOK.LOG".

Known locations of log book file are:

Windows XP (German): Eigene Dateien -> Flight Simulator-Dateien -> LOGBUCH.LOG

Please note:

By default, Flight Simulator does not record your flights in its log book, so it might be empty although you have flown many times.

You either have to record your flights manually under "Options -> Log book" or (much better) have to enable automatic recording (an option under "Options -> Settings -> General").

File -> Open recent

Select any of the previously opened log book files.

File -> Refresh Reports (F4)

Recreates reports with current log file data.

File -> Show Reports (F5)

Created reports are HTML files that will be opened in your default browser.


Vr. 1.0

Vr. 1.1

Copyright (c) 2005 by Juergen Haible,