MyFsStars 1.0 - Stars and constellations for Flight Simulator 2004 (FS2004, FS9)


MyFsStars increases the number of stars shown at night in Flight Simulator 2004 and also gives a more realistic view with adjusted brightness values. Optionally and "just for fun", constellation lines can be drawn as well.



  1. IMPORTANT: Backup the file "stars.dat" in FS9 folder, e. g. rename it to "original-stars.dat".
  2. Copy the "stars.dat" file contained in the .zip file into FS9 folder, i. e. replace the old one.


The new "stars.dat" file contains the ~5000 brightest stars (up to a magnitude of 6m0) that can be seen under (very) good conditions with (very) good eyes.

Coordinates of the stars were taken from the "Bright Star Catalog", coordinates of the constellation lines come from another of my (private) projects.

As already mentioned, the brightness values in the file are not real ones as FS does not show them in a very realistic way. In general, brighter stars were brightened and darker stars were dimmed in various levels, resulting in an emphasized (and more realistic look) of brighter stars.

Enable constellation lines

Constellation lines are deactivated by default, but you can activate them easily by just modifying a line in the "stars.dat" file:

[Star Settings]
; Constellations=132

The "Constellation=" line gives the number of constellation lines to draw. A value of "0" means that no lines are drawn, changing it to "132" will draw all 132 lines defined further below in the file.


Vr. 1.0

Copyright (c) 2004 by Juergen Haible,