MyFsTools 1.5 - Flight Simulator Tools (FS2004, FS9)

MyFsTools is a free set of tools that can be accessed from within a running Flight Simulator.

Most current version of MyFsTools and additional database files are available at, required installation steps are described on the Setup page.

Available Tools

After successful setup you will find a menu item named "MyFsTools" in Flight Simulator's "Modules" menu. From here you can access the tools included in MyFsTools:

Locator (and Guide)

The "Locator" window lists nearby airports, cities, mountains and lakes and guides you to a wanted place. One or more locations of interest can be opened in small "Guide" windows from here. If you open an airport in such a "Guide" window, an ILS like view is shown for the selected runway.


The "Map" window shows a moving map of known locations around the aircraft.

Online Map

The "Online Map" window shows images of the area around aircraft's current position. Unlike the "Map" window, these images are downloaded from various servers, so you need a running internet connection to use it.


The "Tower" window allows you to save and select your preferred tower view positions. You can also activate the automatic mode here, so the nearest tower view position is selected automatically while flying around.


The "Starter" window can be used to start additional tools and to open documents directly from within Flight Simulator.


The "About" window shows some info about MyFsTools and Flight Simulator. It also contains the basic setup of MyFsTools.

Additional topics

Database files (*.geo)

Gives details about the database files used by the various tools. Also explains how to create more detailed files yourself for areas of the world that you are interested in.


The communication between MyFsTools and Flight Simulator is done with FSUIPC by Peter Dowson, who also provided a free key for users that do not have a registered version of FSUIPC (yet ;-). See for details.


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Vr. 1.0

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