MyFsTools - Starter

The "Starter" window can be used to start additional tools and to open documents directly from within Flight Simulator.

The items to be started can be grouped in a tree. By right-clicking in the tree you can open a menu that contains all available options, also available as toolbar buttons:

-> Start

Starts the selected item (also: double-click).

What happens when "starting" an item depends on the type of the item. An application (*.exe) is started, a document (*.pdf, *.html, *.txt) is opened etc. In fact, the same thing happens as when double-clicking the item in an Explorer window.

-> Edit

Change the description of the selected item.

-> Add new group

Adds a new group.

-> Add new items

Adds one or more items to be started.

-> Delete

Deletes the selected item.

-> Move up/down

Moves the selected item up or down

Copyright (c) 2004-2006 by Juergen Haible,