MyFsTools - Tower

The "Tower" window allows you to save and select your preferred tower view positions. You can also activate the automatic mode here, so the nearest tower view position is selected automatically while flying around.

"Positions" page

The list shows all tower positions that were saved so far. By right-clicking in the list you can open a menu that contains all options, also available as toolbar buttons:

-> Set nearest position automatically

If enabled (toolbar button down), the program is in "automatic mode". It will continuously watch the current position of the aircraft and will automatically select the nearest saved tower position. As soon as you have saved a few positions, the tower view will automatically follow your aircraft.

If you stop this "automatic mode" (toolbar button up), you enter "edit mode", in which you can manually select one of the positions, add new positions etc.

Note: The "automatic mode" can also be enabled automatically from the very beginning, i. e. directly after Flight Simulator is started. See "Setup" page below for details. 

-> Add current plane position

Adds a new tower position with the current position of the plane. You can, for example, use FS's slew mode to move to the wanted position and then add it with this menu item.

When adding a new position, the "Edit" page will be selected automatically to enter an appropriate description and to fine-tune the new tower position.

-> Add current tower position

Adds a new tower position with the current tower view position of Flight Simulator. This menu item can be used to add one of the (often misplaced) default airport tower views of FS in order to fine-tune its position.

-> Delete selected position

Deletes the currently selected tower position.

"Edit" page


Description of the currently selected tower position.


Shows the position (longitude, latitude, altitude) of the currently selected tower position.

Move (Up, Down, North, East, South, West)

With these buttons you can move the currently selected tower position towards the given direction.

The new position is immediately set in Flight Simulator, so you can see how it will look like.

Move by ... feet

Gives the number of feet to move a tower position with above buttons.

"Setup" page

Automatically activate when FS is started

If enabled, the "automatic mode" is activated as soon as Flight Simulator is started.

Please note: There are other tools around that may change the tower position (e. g. FsCamera). If such tools are activated as well, the tower view may either "flip" between different positions continuosly or may seem to not be changed at all.

Update interval ... milliseconds

Gives the interval in milliseconds (1/1000 of a second) in which plane's position is checked for a nearer tower position in automatic mode.

Update range ... nm

Gives the range around the plane in nautical miles, for which tower positions are considered in "automatic mode". If no tower position is within this range, the tower view will remain unchanged.

Copyright (c) 2004-2006 by Juergen Haible,