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Groups, the user may read

This setting determines, which groups are visible to and readable by the user on the local newsserver.

The group-selection consists of a list of regular expressions, each expression separated by one space-character. The expressions are tested from left to right and the first matching regex-pattern determines, if a groupname is OK or not. If a regex-expression is preceded by a "!", it means "not", i. e. no access to such groups.


Selection: .*

Meaning: All groups are allowed.

Selection: !.*

Meaning: No groups are allowed (as this is default, the field can remain empty in this case).

Selection: !^internal\. .*

Meaning: All groups except Hamster's internal groups are allowed.

Selection: .* !^internal\.

Meaning: All groups are allowed (remember: first matching pattern determines the result,

and ".*" always matches all groups).

Selection: ^de\. !^internal\.posted ^internal\.

Meaning: All "de"-groups and all "hamster"-groups except "internal.posted" are allowed.

Groups, the user may post to

Like the "read" setting above, this setting determines, to which of these "visible/readable" groups the user may post articles to. If all groups are allowed, ".*" can be used.

User may use NEWNEWS command

If marked, the user may use the NEWNEWS command on the local newsserver. Some clients need this time consuming command to load new news from Hamster (e. g. Microsoft Exchange).

User may use feed commands (IHAVE et. al.)

If marked, the user may use the feed commands IHAVE, CHECK and TAKETHIS that are used for server-to-server communication. It is strongly recommended not to enable these commands for normal user accounts but only for peer accounts.

How to ... feed newsgroups from/to other servers?

User may add groups/pulls by reading them with newsreader

This setting determines, if the user can add new newsgroups and pulls by just reading them with his newsreader.

If enabled, user's newsreader gets a full list of all groups, that are available on any of the configured newsservers. If he subscribes to one of these groups and pulls articles from it, the group is automatically subscribed in Hamster, too.

How to ... manage groups automatically?

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