Configuration: Hamster Settings, Remote News

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Options for pulling News (NNTP)

No. of articles to pull (default)

Number of articles to pull from a group in every session.
Of all available articles, that were not loaded so far:
<0: only load the oldest ones (e. g. -100 means load 100 oldest)
=0: load all
>0: only load the newest ones (e. g. 100 means load 100 newest)

No. of articles to pull (empty groups)

Used instead of default value above, if group is pulled from any server for the first time.

Killfile log: Don't log if score value lower than

If the final score value of a newsgroup article is lower than the value given here, it is not logged in Killfile Log.

Options for posting News (NNTP)

Preferred server to post articles to

Posted articles will only be sent to the newsserver, where the given newsgroup is pulled from. If you pull the group from different servers, the first server in the list above is used. To override this behaviour, you can select a "preferred post-server", which will always be used for posting, if the given groupname is pulled from it.

Store posted articles in local groups immediately

If marked, posted articles will not only be prepared to send them to a remote server, but also be stored in local groups immediately. For this setting to work, articles either have to be posted with a Message-ID or Hamster has to be configured to add one if needed (see: Add Header ... Message-ID).

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