Configuration: Remote Server Settings, NNTP

Configuration Remote Server Settings:  Common  NNTP  POP3  SMTP

Server is "read only", don't post articles on it

If marked, this newsserver will not be used to post articles.

Reload group list on next pull

If marked, the full list of active groups is reloaded on next pull.

Reload group descriptions on next pull

If marked, the list of group descriptions is reloaded on next pull.

Number of concurrent pull threads allowed

Number of threads started for this server when pulling news.
NOTE: The usage policy for some servers might order you not to use higher values than 1, 2 or 3. If in doubt, ask your newsmaster, how many concurrent connections are allowed on his server.

Never try to get list of new groups

If marked, new groups will never be loaded.

Server requires 4-digit year to get new groups

If marked, NEWGROUPS command is invoked with 4 digit year instead of 2 digit year.

Load descriptions for new groups

Determines, if group descriptions are loaded for new groups:
Auto detect Try to load, but change to "Never" if server shows problems
Always Always try to load descriptions
Never Never load descriptions

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