HControl - Hamster Playground's remote control program

How to ... start HControl?




Displays new logfile entries on HService computer.

Context menu of the list allows stopping the scrolling, copying the list to clipboard and saving the list to a file.

Log (E.+W.)

Displays logfile entries of type "Errors" and "Warnings". This page is only visible if such log entries were recorded.

Context menu of the list allows clearing the list.


Displays the currently running tasks on HService computer. Tasks listed here are maintenance tasks (e. g. purging), transfer tasks (e. g. pulling news) or currently running scripts.

Context menu of the list allows stopping the selected task, all scripts or all tasks.


Displays all available scripts and modules on HService computer.


Displays the current server states and a list of currently connected clients.


Displays a list of all newsgroups with their pulls.


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