How to ... change admin's password?

After a fresh installation, Hamster's administrator account named "admin" has an initial default password of "admin". As everyone knows this password, it is strongly suggested to change this password.

To do this, select menu item "Configuration / Accounts" in HControl:


This opens the Accounts window, where all users are listed that have access to any of Hamster's servers:


The list on the left shows all accounts. After a fresh installation there is only one account named "admin" (Hamster Administrator). Select this "admin" account on the left to show its settings on the right side:


Now press the "Change"-button next to the "Password"-field to enter the new password:


The new password has to be repeated once just to prevent from misspelling it:


Note, that the new password is not shown on the screen, there is only a placeholder text "SET" to show, that one is set for the marked account:


Finally, press the "Apply Now" button or close the window with the "OK" button to save the changes. In fact, the new settings are transfered to and then are stored by HService. From now on, you have to use the new password to login as user "admin".


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