How to ... manage newsgroups automatically?

By default, Hamster only reports those newsgroups to newsreaders, that were previously created in Hamster. But Hamster can also be configured to manage groups and pulls automatically by monitoring the accesses of any newsreaders.

Add news groups and pulls automatically

Automatic creation of groups and pulls depends on the user, that connects to Hamster, so you keep full control on who is allowed to do so and (by user's allowed group patterns) for which groups he is allowed to do so.

To enable auto-creation of groups and pulls, select menu item and page "Configuration / Accounts / News" in HControl:

For each user, that is allowed to auto-create newsgroups and news-pulls, change the "User may add ..." setting to any of the "Yes, ..." values and save it with the "Apply Now" button.

Unlike other users, such users will now get a full list of newsgroups, that are available on any of the configured newsservers. Whenever he tries to pull new articles from one of these groups and the group has not been created in Hamster yet, the newsgroup and appropriate news-pulls are created automatically.

Delete groups and pulls automatically

Independant of adding groups automatically, you can also get rid of groups automatically, that were not read any more by any user for a given period of time.

To enable deleting groups and pulls automatically, select menu item and page "Configuration / Hamster Settings / Local News" in HControl:

The "Pulls:" value gives the numbers of days, after which Hamster stops loading of new news for an unread group from any of the remote newsservers. In this stage, the newsgroup and the already loaded articles in it are still kept. If someone reads the group in this stage again, Hamster will restart to pull it again as if nothing had ever happened.

The "Groups:" value gives the numbers of days, after which an unread group and the articles in it are finally deleted. Please note, that Hamster makes sure, that a group was at least one day in the "intermediate" state noted above, so whatever value you enter here, Hamster in fact uses at least one day more than the given "Pulls:" value.

After setting the periods, the process of removing has to be started somehow. This could be done manually by "Start / Tasks / Maintenance", but the easiest way is to do it automatically as well by activating this process for "Daily Maintenance" at "Configuration / Hamster Settings / General":

Handle special groups

As always, there might be some groups that should not be handled automatically this way. For such cases, both auto-adding and auto-deleting can be disabled for specific groups at "Configuration / Newsgroup Settings / Settings":


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