How to ... start tasks on startup?

1.) Define a User Task

Easiest way to define what should be done is to create a new "User Task" that contains the wanted tasks to be started. To create such a new "User Task", open menu "Tasks" and select "Setup User Tasks":

Setup User Tasks

Press the Add button to create a new User Task and enter a meaningful name for it when you're asked for it.

Then select the wanted tasks in the right list and move them to the left with the Left Arrow button.

Finally, save your new user task with the Save button.

2.) Let Hamster start it automatically

To automatically start above "User Task" whenever Hamster is started, open menu "Tasks" and select "Setup Action Tasks":

Setup Action Tasks

Action Startup happens once when Hamster is started. Just select this line in the list, press the Edit button and select your User Task at Execute.

After saving this new setting by pressing the Save button, this action is active and will from now on start the selected User Task whenever Hamster is started.


[ Hamster Playground Documentation]