How to ... enable SSL support?

All SSL related functions for secure connections will fail unless some additional libraries are installed properly.

1.) Download libraries

At the time of writing this text, the direct link of version 0.9.6k libraries was:

(filename:, size: 375 KB)

If this link does not work any more, go to and follow the links to the "Downloads" page. Open the section named "Indy" and look for downloads named "OpenSSL ver ?.?.? DLLs for Indy". Be sure to select the newest version.

2.) Install libraries

a.) Unzip the downloaded file, it should contain the two required libraries "libeay32.dll" and "ssleay32.dll".

b.) Copy these two files to the same directory where Hamster's "HService.exe" is placed.

c.) Now start or restart HService and connect to it with HControl. At the beginning of the log file, right after the "Init ..." lines, there should be a line starting with "Check SSL ...". If this line shows the text "Check SSL ... Installed", the libraries were recognized successfully and all SSL related functions are now enabled.


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