How to ... open Hamster for other computers?

For security reasons, Hamster is pre-configured to only allow access from the same computer that it is running on. Enabling access from other computers requires 1-3 steps:

Step 1: Bind servers to network

Open "Configuration / Hamster Settings" and select page "Local Servers":

By default, the "Bindings" column just contains the value "", which is the local computer.

To make Hamster's servers "visible" for other stations in your local network, you have to enter the network IP address of this computer here, either this network address alone or multiple IP addresses separated by a single space character.

In the example above, the network IP address was added to the former setting, so the new setting is "".

As a last resort, you can also enter "" here to bind Hamster's servers to all available IP addresses and therefore making them "visible" for everyone who can contact your computer by TCP/IP, even by Internet from around the world. So be very careful when using ""!

Step 2: Grant connections from network

If your network uses IP addresses in the range of to, you don't have to do anything here. Such addresses used for local networks can connect to Hamster's servers by default without further configuration.

If you have different IP address ranges, if you want to handle specific addresses or if you want to treat Hamster's services differently, you can control it by editing file "IPAccess.hst" with menu item "Configuration / Files / IP access":

Step 3: Don't forget ...

If you have not done it already, it's definitely time to change the password of Hamster's administration account named "admin" now:

How to ... change admin's password?


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