How to ... deliver mails directly (MX)?

Hamster Playground is able to deliver mails directly to recipient's mailserver (i. e. to the mail exchange or MX server of the recipients).

In theory, this mode does not require to define any servers, but it is strongly suggested to at least set a fallback SMTP server in case that direct delivery fails for any reason.

All settings for this mode are done by editing file "SmtpRouter.hst" with menu item "Configuration / Files / Mail delivery (MX)":

In the example shown above, the SMTP server "" is set to be the fallback server for all connections ("[*]"). Additionally some recipient domain patterns are defined, for which direct delivery of mails should be bypassed and instead be send to "".

To directly send out any waiting mails to recipient's mail exchange servers, open "Tasks / Start " and select page "Mail Out":

Just use the "Start MX" button instead of the "Start Now" button here.

The same applies to sending mails by script commands, just use command "HamSendMailMX" instead of the other mail commands.


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