How to ... start HControl?

To start the control part of Hamster, just double-click the file HControl.exe in Windows Explorer. Like HService, it does not need any configuration or calling parameters before doing so.

After starting, HControl will automatically show a popup window to ask for the parameters to connect to HService:

All fields are already filled with the default values, you just have to enter the password for the user "admin", which is the "Hamster Adminstrator", that has access to all functions of Hamster. The initial password for this "admin" user is "admin" as well.

So just enter "admin" in the password field and press the "OK" button. If successful, HControl's main window is shown:


If an error message is shown instead, it's presumably one of the following ones.

If HService is not running when trying to connect to, a "Connection refused" error is shown:


If you have not entered the right password, an "Authentication failed" is shown:


[ Hamster Playground Documentation]