How to ... start HService?

To start the service part of Hamster, just double-click the file HService.exe in Windows Explorer. It does not need any configuration or calling parameters before doing so.

After starting, HService will show a window similar to the following one:


If it is the first time you started HService, a few additional lines will appear after about 2 minutes. No need to bother with, this is normal behaviour. HService just recognized that its "Daily Maintenance" was not run already today and starts it as soon as nothing else happens any more:


If you don't want to start HService manually each day, you can either start it by creating a link to it in your Autostart-folder or by installing it as a system service (Windows NT, 2000, 2003 and XP only).

See HService for available options for both start modes, but for the moment it is suggested to only start it manually until you are familiar with your Hamster and know for sure, that you want to use it further.


[ Hamster Playground Documentation]