HService - Hamster Playground's newserver and mailserver service

Starting HService

To start HService (especially for the first time), no special settings or additional files are needed. All settings are pre-configured with common defaults and all directories and files, that HService needs to do its work, are created automatically when needed.

After starting HService.exe, its console window will look like this:

The lines marked with <CONSOLE> are from the wrapper, which detects how Hamster (included in HService.exe) should be started, either as a normal or as a service application. It then starts up Hamster the appropriate way and does nothing any more, until it receives a signal to stop Hamster again.

While Hamster is running, most of its log file entries are shown in the window as well. Except from debug output the author has forgotten to remove ..., this is all what is displayed in this window, and there aren't any functions to do something within this window.

As it is not very useful, to have this window open all the time (HControl can display the log file as well and in a more convenient way), there are options to run HService either completely invisible or as a service (see details below under "Command Line Parameters").

It's nevertheless useful to keep it visible at the beginning, to see if HService is really running and what it currently does. As soon as you are familiar with it, you can still try the other starting options.

Stopping HService

There are different ways to stop a running HService in a safe manner.

If its window is visible, just click on its Close button or hit CTRL-C or CTRL-BREAK on keyboard. Please note, that it might take a few seconds before the window is actually closed. This is normal behaviour, just wait these few seconds.

An invisible HService (see "/hidden" option below) can be stopped by starting an additional HService.exe with option "/stop".

A HService running as a service can be stopped the intended way, i. e. by Windows' service tools, but the methods described above can be used as well without harm.

Command Line Parameters

A list of supported command line parameters is shown, if HService is started with "/?":


If started with "/hidden", HService runs completely invisible. This option may be used on systems running Windows 95, 98 or ME, which do not support running HService as a service.


If started with "/stop", an already running HService is stopped. This option can especially be used to stop an invisible running HService.


While HService is installed as a service, there is a significant delay when trying to start it as a normal application (e. g. for testing purposes). To avoid this delay, "/noservice" can be used, which simply skips the check, if HService was started by Windows' Service Control Manager or the normal way.


If started with "/install", HService is installed as a service. The default parameters for the service are:

Name: HamsterService

Display Name: HamsterService

Start: Automatically during system startup

Dependencies: (none)

Account: LocalSystem

Interactive: Yes

Some of these default settings can be configured manually in file Hamster.ini (see Application Settings for details). To change the start mode or the account it is running with, you can do it with the normal Windows' system tools for configuring services.


If started with "/uninstall" and HService is installed as a service, the service is uninstalled.


How to ... start HService?


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