Hamster-Scripts: Functions (Hamster): Score file

Score file

HamScoreList( <grpname> )

Retrieves a list containing all score-entries, which will be used when pulling news for the given groupname <grpname>.

Returns: String

ListSetText( $ScoreList, HamScoreList( "group.name" ) )

HamScoreTest( <grpname>, <article>, <matchlog>, <scoretype> )
HamScoreTest( <grpname>, <article>, <matchlog>  )
HamScoreTest( <grpname>, <article> )

Returns the score-value for the given article <article>.

The test is done with the assumption, that the article was pulled from the given newsgroup <grpname>.

A CR/LF-separated list of all matching score-lines is returned in the variable <matchlog>.

If <scoretype> is missing or 0, the sum of "Score-Before-Load" and "Score-After-Load" is returned. A value of 1 returns "Score-Before-Load" and a value of 2 returns "Score-After-Load" value.

Returns: Integer (score value)

$ScoreValue = HamScoreTest( "group.name", $Article, $MatchLog )

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