Files contained in .zip file

Files contained in .zip file of Hamster Playground:

Changes.txt List of changes
Demo-NewsWatcher.hsc Demo script to watch for own news articles and followups
Demo-Session.hsc Demo script to transfer news with mail and dial-up option
hamrequests.hsm (obsoleted by hr_common.hsm and might be removed)
hamster.chm Help file
Hamster.cnt Old help contents (up to Vr. 1.9)
HAMSTER.HLP Old help file (up to Vr. 1.9)
hamster.hsm Hamster-related functions
HControl.exe HControl - Hamster Control Program
hr_application.hsm Access Application Settings by script
hr_common.hsm Base module for other hr*.hsm modules
hr_configuration.hsm Access configuration settings by script, e. g. Accounts
hr_functions.hsm Diverse Hamster functions by script
hr_hamster.hsm Manage Hamster Settings by script
hr_localservers.hsm Control local servers by script
hr_newsgroups.hsm Manage newsgroups by script
hr_newspulls.hsm Manage news-pulls by script
hr_servers.hsm Manage remote servers by script
hr_tasks.hsm Manage Hamster tasks by script
HService.exe HService - Hamster Service Program
hstrings.hsm String functions
htime.hsm Date/time conversion and formatting
hw_clipbrd.hsm Clipboard functions
hw_common.hsm Base module for other hw_*.hsm
hw_demo.hsc Demo script showing usage of hw_*.hsm
hw_files.hsm File handling
hw_icmp.hsm ICMP functions (ping)
hw_memory.hsm Dynamic memory management
hw_nt.hsm Windows NT/2000/XP specific functions
hw_syncobjs.hsm Synchronization functions
hw_system.hsm Windows system functions
hw_windows.hsm Windows-related functions
hw_winsock.hsm Winsock-related functions
hwindows.hsm Windows-related functions
License.txt License and Credits

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