Hamster Playground


Hamster Playground is a freeware newsserver and mailserver software which allows to collect news and mail messages from different servers. Collected messages are then available for any newsreader or mailclient on your local computer or on any computer in your family or company network.

Hamster Playground runs under all Windows versions (95, 98, ME), under Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003 it can additionally be installed as a system service.


Unlike its predecessor versions "Hamster Classic" and "Hamster Playground 1.0", this version of Hamster Playground is split in two parts:

First part is HService, which is intended to run in the background and which does the actual work. Second part is HControl, which contains the user interface and talks to HService over a TCP/IP connection.

The advantage is, that HControl does not have to be installed on the same computer, it can be run from any computer, which can access the HService one by TCP/IP:

The obvious disadvantage is, that you have to deal with two different programs, but as said above, the HService one is intended to run in the background. So as soon as HService is installed and running, it does not require further attention.


[www.elbiah.de Hamster Playground Documentation]