New Installation

Install Hamster files

Create a new, empty folder for Hamster and unzip the files into this folder - that's it!

Hamster Playground is pre-configured to provide news and mail services for the computer it is running on. Depending on your specific needs you will have to configure additional things like remote servers later, but for the moment, you just have to start HService and HControl to see, if all is working and if you are able to connect to Hamster with your newsreader and/or mailclient.

Descriptions of typical configuration tasks can be found in the "How to ..." section, but for the moment you just need to know how to start the two Hamster programs:

How to ... start HService?
    (in short: double-click HService.exe in Explorer)

How to ... start HControl?
    (in short: double-click HControl.exe in Explorer and connect with username/password admin/admin)

Configure your newsreader

To access Hamster's newsserver with a newsreader, you have to configure it with a newsserver-name and appropriate authentication-information.

One newsserver name, that always works, is , which is an IP-address pointing to the current computer. In most cases, the name localhost should work, too.

The required settings for authentication are username admin and password admin.

If the settings are correct, you can connect to Hamster now and get the list of available newsgroups. The list should contain the predefined local group named internal.misc. Try to post an article to this group and see, if you get your article back when pulling new news.

Configure your mailclient

Similar to the setup of the newsreader above, you can use or localhost for the names of the mailservers. Use this name for both servers, i.e. for POP3 (receive mails) and SMTP (send mails).

Again, the required settings for authentication are username admin and the password admin.

If the settings are correct, you can connect to Hamster now. Try sending a mail to one of the addresses noted below and see, if you get your mail back from Hamster.

Here are some examples of addresses, which will always be kept local and won't be sent out with Hamster's default-settings:

admin (i.e. without a trailing "@"-part)

All of these addresses result in a (local-only) mail to Hamster's admin-account. The only reason for giving some alternatives here, is, that some mail-clients might refuse some of these addresses. Just try the addresses from top to down and use the first format, your mail-client accepts.


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