Reference: Files and Directories

Directory Layout:

     +-- Server
     |     |
     |     +-- (server names)
     +-- Groups
     |     |
     |     +-- News.Out
     |     |
     |     +-- (newsgroup names)
     +-- Mails
     |     |
     |     +-- Mail.Out
     |     |
     |     +-- admin
     |     |
     |     +-- (account names)
     +-- Logs

Files in "(root)":

HService.exe Hamster's service program.
HControl.exe Hamster's control program
Hamster.chm Hamster's helpfile.
Hamster.hlp Hamster's old helpfile (up to Vr. 1.9).
Hamster.ini Contains Application Settings and Hamster Settings
Changes.txt Version-history.
Groups.hst List of Hamster-newsgroups.
Pulls.hst List of newsgroups to pull from newsservers.
Scheduler.hst Scheduler definition file
Server.hst List of NNTP servers.
SrvPOP3.hst List of POP3 servers.
SrvSMTP.hst List of SMTP servers.
Password.!!! Password-settings.
Accounts.!!! Local accounts and their settings.
IPAccess.hst Allow/refuse connections based on client-addresses.
RCProfiles.hst Access profiles for Remote Control server.
Scores.hst Scorefile used when pulling news.
MailFilt.hst Filters used when fetching mails.
MailTrap.hst Mail Traps
*.hml Distribution List files (properties and members).
SmtpRouter.hst Definitions and rules for sending mails in MX mode.
HscActions.hst Script Actions.
h*.hsc demo*.hsc Hamster-Scripts
*.hut Definition files of User Tasks

Files in "(root)\Server":

allpulls.txt Old file - not used any more.
alldescs.txt Contains a list of all available groups with their descriptions.
Format: group-name TAB group-description

Files in "(root)\Server\(servernames)":

Greeting.txt Initial greeting-message of server.
Groups.txt Grouplist of server.
Help.txt Helpfile of server.
NewGrps.txt List of new groups on server ("Groups.txt" will be updated also).
GrpDescs.txt List of group-descriptions loaded from server.
Overview.txt Supported overview-fields of server.
Server.ini Server-specific settings. Contains Server Settings
GetMids.txt List of Message-IDs to pull from server (used for loading articles at "Killfile-Log -> Mark article for retrieval"). If a Message-ID is preceded with "!", it will be pulled from server, even if it's already marked as "known" in the history-file.

Files in "(root)\Groups":

History.dat Old file - not used any more.
Hist4??.dat A list of article-infos (primarily a MD5-hash of Message-ID) used to recognize already loaded articles and to find again articles by Message-ID later.
Kills.log Overview-lines of articles not loaded due to scorefile-settings.

Files in "(root)\Groups\News.Out":

*.msg Messages posted to the local NNTP-server (each article in a separate textfile). They will be deleted after posting it on a newsserver.

Files in "(root)\Groups\(groupnames)":

data.dat Article-data.
data.idx Index of articles stored in "data.dat".
data.ini Contains Group Settings

Files in "(root)\Mails":

MHistory.dat Similar to the history-files in the groups-directory, this file is used to recognize already loaded mails.

Files in "(root)\Mails\Mail.Out":

*.msg Mails sent to the local SMTP-server (each mail in a separate textfile; leading SMTP-envelope-lines are marked with an exclamation-mark "!"). The mails will be deleted after they have been sent out to an external SMTP-server.

Files in "(root)\Mails\admin":

*.msg Mails loaded from external POP3-servers (each mail in a separate textfile).

Files in "(root)\Logs":

0.log, 1.log, 2.log, ... Hamster session-logfiles. Each time Hamster is started or midnight passes, the files are shifted up by 1 (0.log->1.log, 1.log->2.log, ...). "0.log" is always the most current logfile.
MailFilters-YYYY-MM.log Log of all mail filters, that were actually involved when deleting a mail message.
MailIn-YYYY-MM.log Contains infos for each mail, fetched from external POP3-servers.
MailOut-YYYY-MM.log Contains infos for each mail, sent to external SMTP-servers.
MailTraps-YYYY-MM.log Log of all Mail Traps that matched an incoming mail message.
RasDial-YYYY-MM.log Contains an entry for each dial-up connection initiated by Hamster.
*.htm Hamster Reports
ReportTitles.txt Report titles of *.htm files shown in HControl
NntpServer-YYYY-MM.log Messages posted on local NNTP server.
SmtpServer-YYYY-MM.log Messages sent to local SMTP server.
errors.log Last 100 logfile lines with errors and warnings

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