Reference: Distribution List Files (*.hml)


A distribution list file is just a container for multiple mail recipients. It does not do anything by itself unless it is assigned in the forward settings of an Account.

Although the names of Accounts and such Distribution Lists are completely independent, it is suggested to give the lists a name that contains the Account name it is assigned to. For example, if you have an account named "family", the list may be called "family" as well or something like "family-list".


Distribution list files are plain text files that are named with the name of the distribution list and have the extension ".hml". Such files contain two types of lines, "Property lines" and "Member lines".

Property lines

All lines starting with an exclamation mark ("!") have a special meaning - they are used to embed additional properties of the mail list. The exclamation mark is followed by a keyword, an equal sign ("=") and the assigned value for the keyword.

The "Description" keyword may be used to describe the list.

The "OwnerAccount" keyword gives the name of a local account that is responsible for the list. It will get notification mails whenever something happens with the list, e. g. if new members were added or deleted. If no valid account is given, account "admin" is assumed.

The "RestrictFrom" keyword determines allowed senders for mails forwarded to all members of the list. Valid settings are "0" (any sender), "1" (known "From:" member), "2" (authenticated member) and "3" (authenticated owner). See "Configuration: Distribution Lists, Properties" for details.


!Description=This is only a test list!

Member lines

All other lines are the members of the mail list, either local account names or mail addresses.



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