Reference: File RCProfiles.hst


Determines, if a user can login into Hamster's Remote Control (RC) server and which RC commands can be used after logging in.

Each local user account has assigned a profile number ranging from 0 to 9. The default assignment is 9 (full access) for "admin" account and 0 (no access) for all other accounts. This profile number points to a section in file RCProfiles.hst, which contains the definitions for this "RC profile".

File Format:

The file is a standard Windows .ini file, where each profile number has its own section named "[RC profile 0]" to "[RC profile 9]". The keys in each section are as follows:


This is just a short <text> describing the profile. It is shown when selecting a profile in HControl.

Command <command>=<regex>

Each <command>, for which authentication is required, has to be enabled separately. The value is a regular expression pattern of valid command lines (<regex>). If this pattern is missing or if it does not match the full command line sent to RC server, the command is rejected.

Valid <commands> are: LIVE, LOG, NEWS, SCRIPT, SERVER, TASK

Confirm SCRIPT PUT=0
Confirm LIVE ON=0

The commands "SCRIPT PUT" and "LIVE ON" are somewhat "dangerous", as they indirectly allow access to all files and functions of the computer, that Hamster is running on. To not accidentally enable these commands by an inappropriate regular expression, they additionally have to be confirmed with such a "Confirm ...=1" setting.

Note: To use HControl, a profile with "Confirm LIVE ON=1" is required. This setting is not required when accessing RC server by HamRC or Telnet only.

Predefined and self defined RC Profiles:

Three profile numbers have a predefined meaning, which can't be changed by settings in RCProfiles.hst file:

0 = Predefined: No Access

A user with profile 0 has no access to RC server and its functions.

1 = Predefined: Change own password only

A user with profile 1 may connect to RC server with HamRC or by Telnet, but not with HControl. The only accessible function is changing own password, nothing else.

2 = Predefined: Informational access and change own password

A user with profile 2 may connect to RC server with HamRC or by Telnet, but not with HControl. The available functions for such an user are restricted to those, which just return information but do not start actions or change anything. Only exception is changing own password.

Please note, that "just return information" could also include very sensitive information like clear text passwords noted in scripts.

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Not predefined yet ...

Profile numbers 3-8 may be used to define special profiles. It's recommended to start with higher numbers (8, 7, 6, ...) for such profiles, as lower numbers (3, 4, 5, ...) might become predefined in future versions.

9 = Predefined: Full Access (administration)

A user with profile 9 (e. g. "admin") has full access to RC server and all of its functions.


[RC profile 8]
Description=View log file and start scripts
Command LOG=^LOG LIST.*$

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