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Tools and Scripts for 40tude Dialog

40tude Dialog is a newsreader and mailclient for Windows written by Marcus Moennig. It is available at http://www.40tude.com/dialog/


zTools: Tool library

Description: Contains a dynamic link library (zTools.dll) and an associated include file (zTools.ds) with some functions that might be useful for script authors:

// zRegexMatch: Check if string matches a regular expression
// zRegexParse: Returns parts of string that match regex groups
// zRegexSplit: Returns parts of string separated by regular expression

// zHasHeader: Checks if a specific header exists
// zGetHeader: Returns header value from article text
// zSetHeader: Adds or overwrites a header in article text
// zSetHeader: Deletes a header line in article text

// zDecodeHeadervalue: Decodes a header value
// zEncodeHeadervalue: Encodes a header value
// zEncodeBase64: base64 encoding
// zDecodeBase64: base64 decoding
// zMD5: Returns MD5 digest

// zDelphiToRfcTime: Convert Delphi time to RFC time string
// zRfcToDelphiTime: Convert RFC time string to Delphi time
// zDelphiToUnixTime: Convert Delphi time to UNIX time number
// zUnixToDelphiTime: Convert UNIX time number to Delphi time

.dll and .ds:   zTools.zip (Version 2005-05-28, 70 KB)
.dll sources:   zToolsSrc.zip (150 KB)


zRas: Dial up with Dialog scripts

Description: This include file provides an interface to access Windows' RAS functions to handle connections from within scripts like dialing up specific connections or terminating connections after data transfer.
See also: http://40tude.com/dialog/wiki/index.php/HandleDialupConnections
Include file:   zRas.ds (Version 2003-08-03)
Demo script:   zRasDemo.ds


zRasDialer: Show dialup dialog to select connection

Description: This include file provides a small dialup window to select the connection to dial up and to enter username and password for it.
See also: http://40tude.com/dialog/wiki/index.php/HandleDialupConnections
Include file:   zRasDialer.ds (Version 2003-08-08)
Demo script:   zRasDialerDemo.ds


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